Gran Tarajal Library Competition 1st prize

SUMA arquitectos and archiologics [geometry, 3d programming and consulting] win the first prize for the Fuerteventura Multifunctional Centre and Gran Tarajal Regional Library in Tenerife. The first fully algorithmic building to ever be built in Spain!

[View from square]

Our proposal to relate book and building for the Fuerteventura Multifunctional Centre and Gran Tarajal Regional Library stems from our strong belief in the physical condition of both and that the social tissue is strongly linked to that condition. Book and building are conceived as not only instruments of communication, but as objects that inform and shape the socio-physical environment within which people build their society. New technologies are also included in the design phase of the project, despite a tendency to consider their virtuality as a replacement for traditional modes of thinking. Technologies also enhance social functions through an extremely efficient social interfacing.

[Interior view]

This proposal will be the first Spanish fully algorithmically-conceived building to ever be built in Spain. Structure, program, facade, and environmental constraints are taken into account as starting points for the algorithmic rationale of the project to such an extent that the Multifunctional Centre can be thought of as the logical consequence of the collision of those four elements, which materiality stands out for itself.


Exploring the possibilities to turn a book's abstraction into a physically defined building for a library is not only a very appropriate and sophisticated design exercise, but a perfectly suitable action which implications seem necessary to inquiry at the dawn of the new century. This exploration is, precisely, one on the complementarity of both systems, whether social and technological, or virtual and physical.

Further information on the process will be posted soon, stay tuned!

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