Parametric Ceiling

the material production is automated through the scripting process, allowing for rapid prototyping.
Several light distributions are tested until certain desired effects are reached. The original point grid is transformed through the influence of the lights in order to enhance the dramatism of the different light conditions.

The proposal explores affects produced by the synergy when combining scripting and fabrication techniques.

in order to achieve the perfect lighting conditions, both productions and design are synchronized: this means, material and code take into account material constrains, production time and the final visual effects.Three diverse scripts are tested to validate the geometry: first, spheres of different radii that create a gradient of intensity, then irregular shapes are put to the test as to create more radical effects and finally a sheer combination of both control and emergent affects in the production by directly creating the line to be followed by the CNC milling machine

The proces itself allows for some material investigation and results. Two panels had to be produced. The joint is carefully calculated to achieve a perfect mass distribution and follows one of the curvilinear paths in order to seamlessly integrate in the final piece.

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