Swarm Intelligence


Technology is considered as an "interface" through which one can operate in order to create (or solve) specific problems.Large datasets are used to informed the surfaces, which are not floating in a vectorial space anymore (as Gregg Lynn suggested) but are those spaces themselves: the informing and the informed become one in a never-ending process. Mesh vertices are informed with "architectural desire".

We created a specific import-export tool to be abe to very rapidly test different solutions and emergent affects related to different kinds of geometries. Processing was our preferred environment, as we could exploit its capacity in handling large amounts of data.

As you can see above, our challenge was to recreate certain behavioural performances from virus as far as their geometry is concerned. This is, the logic of the proposal lies precisely in the understanding of the very subtle relationships between matter and geometry, processes of transformation and material logic. One of the challenges we had to face was the embodiement of a sort of "architectural desire" or intentions, thereby aiming for "architectural" formations.


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