DAETSAM Intensive Workshop

This 4 day-long intensive and introductory workshop covered the very basics of RhinoScript and digital fabrication.We wnt through creating points, lines, curves and surfaces in order to prepare component-populated structures. We then automated the preparation of 2d-plans for digital fabrication and built a scaled  physical mock-up of our structures.

Our program:

  • Phase1 - code writing
    • Introduction to coding: macros, basic concepts. Placing buttons and customizing user interfaces
    • Arrays: 2d point grids
    • Grids with lines and curves. Hierarchy in computational geometry
    • Surfaces and components
    • Using attractors to modify and control geometry
  • Phase 2 - plan automation and digital fabrication
    • Geometry preparation (extensive version)
    • Digital fabrication session: create plans for laser cutter using rhinoscript (extensive version)
  • Phase 3 - fabrication and assembling
    • Laser cutting session at the fabLab (extensive version)
    • Model assembly and exhibition

Mock-up model

[Mock-up model, photo: Maria Jesús Sacristan]

Automated fabrication

 [Scaled mock-up model, photo: Miguel Ánge López, Hugo Anaximandro]

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