Algorithmic design - environmental

rvb Swarm

rvb animation snippet example

Swarming in rhino! You can select the amount of objects in the scene and how many iterations you want the simulation to run.

Option explicit

'Script by archiologics ·

' Modified by Adolfo Nadal

'original author: ivo stotz

Call Main()

Sub Main()

Dim ArrBots, i, idBot, Size, Center, arrPoints, strPath, iter

iter      = 1500

strPath   = rhino.GetObject("select the path", 4)

If Not rhino.IsCurve(strPath) Then Exit Sub

arrPoints = rhino.DivideCurve(strPath, iter+1)

'Rhino.DeleteObject strPath

size      = 6

idBot     = "Nothing" 

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rvb Life - 2D

rvb animation snippet example

A short appliication of Conway's game of life applied to Rhino. Populate the space with cells and watch them grow as time passes. This is an introduction to algorithmic design, where objects interact with one another, and can respond to their boundary conditions in real time.

Option explicit

'Script by archiologics ·

'original author: ivo stotz


Call Life()

Function Life()

Dim arrField(99,99), Field1, Field2

    Dim i, j, FielDimension, nCount

    Dim gen

FielDimension = 99

Rhino.Print "Calculating Field"

For i = 0 To FielDimension

        For j = 0 to FielDimension

arrField(i,j) = 0



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