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Bioclimatics Machine - Studio Archiologics
Algorithmic design & BIM consultancy
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Bioclimatics Machine

Bioclimatics Machine

Bioclimatics Machine

Bioclimatic machine is an outsider element that is implemented inside the urban structure of the city. Hanoi is dense, really dense. The name  means  “the city  that  looks into the river”. This is very important because the relationship between the city’s inhabitants and nature is very strong. There are only a few free spaces in the city, the parks. Those parks play a very important role  in the social life of  the  community and are completely full of people doing many  activities: yoga, exercising, studying,  working… The parks host the most important sacred buildings and are the place where the inhabitants of Hanoi celebrate national holidays and special occasions. All these take place here because those free areas work also as a natural climatic device. The vegetation reduces temperature and humidity, thus creating  comfortable spaces for social interaction.

Bioclimatic machine tries to create an artificial climate using passive techniques that we can use in this area. It intends to create an artificial atmosphere where social relations take place. The project learns from the past and the existing conditions to project them into the future.




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