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Studio archi[o]logics is a design think tank moved by the need of innovative thinking in architecture. Founded in 2009, Studio archi[o]logics conceives the architect as an all-rounded designer and specializes in the integration of design with project development and management via technological innovation. We believe that complex, integrative thinking leads to a complex architecture which can be solved through simple methodologies and analytic algorithmic procedures.

We offer services in the following areas:

  • Computational geometry: parametric modeling/coding of complex building geometries and automated processes
  • Fabrication and sustainable design
  • Architectural visualization and representation
  • Teaching and customized courses
  • Building and interior design

archi[o]logics was born as a personal exploration and a twofold exercise: on the one hand, unveal the archeology of a non-precise science [dealing with space]; on the other, a more personal, yet abstract, focus on the purely geometry-based principles of architecture. Thus, archi[o]logics offers a broad view on a renovating attitude towards any scientific approach in general, and architecture in particular: We offer specific responses to specific problems, while based on a certain, more abstract and extended, driving methodology.

How archi[o]logics works

archi[o]logics is a dynamic structure, in fact, it is what we call "thinking cloud" -a group of multidisciplinar professionals who share interest in architectural design and technology, research, and innovation. Our team members are scattered around the globe, which gives us the opportunity to deal with situations with outstanding local knowledge and completely adequate responses to real-life situations while maintaining an abstract approach that guarantees innovation in every single situation. You could be a part of us!

Every problem is an unique challenge... and requires unique solutions. We aim to offer custom solutions to problems present in architecture, and decide our team configuration according to the specific issues that arise both at the beginning or during the solution process. 

For every project we deliver:

  • An in-depth analysis of the problem, which involves cultural, environmental, social, economic, technological, and aesthetic aspects of the problem
  • A quantification of all involved issues through parameterization. We measure and put every single design aspect into numbers which acquire weight and relate to other aspect throughout the design phases
  • A continuous evaluation of those aspects, in reference to certain relevant "fitness functions" agreed upon with the client
  • An integrated and applied solution, including design, use recommendations, technological recommendations and others

What we do

We describe reality through implicit processes. As opposed to explicit processes, where results are delivered directly via "drawn decisions" with no regards to any environmental, social and material concerns, we design not the result, but rather the process through which a result can be achieved. 

In other words, we design the conditions for something to happen. We take into account environmental factors [sun exposure, wind, open-air use...], social factors [integration or segregation, density], aesthetic factors [latest trends], technological factors [fabrication] and mix them up into a whole of "design drivers". This gives us a methodological framework or system that constitutes the basis for every single solution. This system results in an array of solutions that we evaluate according to a "fitness function" defined together with the client, whereby the final set of solutions arises. Naturally, we deliver a unique solution, not a single solution. 

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