Studio archiologics is a design think tank moved by the need of innovative thinking in architecture.We believe that complex, integrative thinking leads to a complex architecture which can be solved through simple methodologies and analytic algorithmic procedures.




Archiologics manuals… we love sharing our knowledge. We firmly believe in knowledge as the only platform for improvement and personal and professional development. Please share your comments and suggestions, we will keep working for you!

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Manuals Index

ManualsGrasshopperPython Manual. Please read the rhinopython first, as we have overlooked the basic programming principles in python. You will go through a series of examples and some basic component preparation. You can see it here hosted by us.

ManualsGrasshopper Manual here (on isuu). You will learn the grasshopper basics through an increasingly complex exercise that deals with a parametric stadium and various manners of surface evaluation and treatment. Learn how to interactively change and modify your design while preventing the complexity of your design intent.

ManualsRhinoscript Manual by following this link (free isuu publication) or access the pdf directly on our website. This manual includes a brief introduction to NURBs geometry and some easy to follow examples that describe NURBs topology. Finally, you will learn how to directly access and create geometry from scratch, including macros and advanced tooling. If you wish to master rhinoscript, this is the first step!

ManualsBIM Manual here (on isuu). Indicated for both beginners and intermediate Revit users, this manual covers 3d modeling, listing, deaing with visibility and graphics, family management (basics) and plan+layout organization. After following this manual you will be able to not only build your projects, but to manage and control them from a financial point of view.

ManualsRevit MEP Crash Course manual here (on isuu). Indicated for both beginners who want to get a nice introduction to the topic. The manual covers file preparation, link to architectural models, and several plumbing/piping categories. You can also see it directly from our site  here.

ManualsYou can also check the Revit MEP extended manual, which includes the “Crash Course” above plus other disciplines and some hints on coordination review. You will learn to handle heating and mechanical systems, as well as some recommendations to keep your projects well structured. You can either visit the issuu publication here or the archiologics’ hosted version  on this page.

Please download the base file. Note that you will need to change the file to the revit *rvt filetype for it to work properly.

ManualsRhinoPython Manual here (free isuu publication) or choose to directly read the pdf from our website. This is the ultimate beginners python guide. We used this manual at the RhinoDay Madrid 2013 in our 5 hour intensive introductory workshop.

ManualsRhinoModeling and algorithmic design here (on isuu). All you need to know about Rhino modeling and advanced techniques. This manual includes theoretical and practical explanations of NURBs geometry, coding, visualization, and an introduction to advanced algorithmic techniques through rvb scripting and other methods. You will learn to use Monkey in order to create highly complex systems that will allow you to solve even the most difficult geometrical problems!

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