School Projects

Botanical Garden, (2004-2005)

This projects includes a research on typologies, geometry, programme issues and an outstanding interest for the integration of numerous and very different users.

In fact, it is a consequence to a text result of the investigation of the book "Victims" by the famed author and architect John Hedjuck.

Botanical Garden Intervention Plan

Botanical Garden Sections

Botanical Garden: Colonization

Botanical Garden: Extension

Botanical Garden: Research Housing

Botanical Garden: Research Housing Detail

Botanical Garden: Housing structure

Botanical Garden: A Vision


Kraftwerk Charlottenburg, Berlin, Germany (Summersemester 2003)

The "Kraftwerk Charlottenburg" aims to focus on an integrative and geometry system that solves all problems related to existing activities, circulation system, publicness, privacy and interlacing volumes. The strategy consist of several simple, cubic volumes that configure the inner space of the industrial space itself. The voids allow for diagonal views.

Kraftwerk Charlottenburg: rethinking industry

Metropol Theater, Berlin, Germany (Wintersemester 2003)

The new proposal is a complementary solution for the spatial and functional problems of the abandoned, left over Metropol Theater. Very close to the Friedrichstrasse S-Bahnhof, this was a unique opportunity to improve the connections of the old building to the street and with its surroundings, as well as it is a meaningful enhancement of its physical conditions.

Metropol Theater Proposal

Other projects (1998-2002)

Please enjoy some competition entries and others.


Imon Salt Mines Landscape Intervention

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