WBC Busan, Korea, (Summer 2006)

International invited competition for 2 220m-high aparthotel towers and one 500m-high ofi-tel tower. An evolving typology is developed, turning from a 4-winged to a 3-winged floorplan in the apartment towers, while turning to obtain the best environmental conditions in all of the three towers.

The towers as landmark for the City of Busan

Puerto del Carmen development, Lanzarote, Spain, (January 2007-present)

Luxury-suites and their effect on the landscape at Lanzarote, Spain. Project by Adolfo Nadal

Luxury-suites and their effect on the landscape

Comission for developing a hotel resort in a campus (short of university-oriented community) in the city of Puerto del Carmen. The landscape becomes essencial, articulating the functions and shapes of the buildings and public spaces while allowing a perfect integration and overlap of both systems.

Integral Planning for the refurbishment of Yaiza, Lanzarote, Spain (April-July 2006)


Yaiza, Lanzarote. Aerial view

This ambitious plan aims not only to reburbish the public system of the network of the Island of Lanzarote, but also to emphasize and renovate the tourist city of Playa Blanca by enhacing connections, public functions and creating meeting points, transportation hubs combined with attractive spots for both tourists and locals.


Program loop-principle. By Adolfo Nadal

Program loop-principle


Masterplan Basauri, (October 2006-present)


View from the Pozokoetxe Area. Basauri Master Plan by Adolfo Nadal

View from the Pozokoetxe Area, Basauri, Spain

Study for ca. 45 ha. for liveable city and affordable housing, in a site currently occupied by industrial buildings. The client needed a fast visionary idea on how the city could grow in the next 30 years. The project includes a design for the city's main transportation hub.

Hong Kong Design School, Hong Kong, China, (July 2007)

Hong Kong Design School, Hong Kong, China.In-out (process) and final view by Adolfo Nadal

In-out (process) and final view

Motor City of Aragón (Alcañiz), Spain, (Summer 2007)

Integrative complex which includes a formula-1 track, leisure activities, offices and retail spaces. This proposal is based on a phasing, environmental-friendly strategy, which also enables to create a visible landmark in the dessert. This milestone would attract millions of tourists and professionals a year, whereby local activities would be positively influenced.


View of the entrance and show-room, Motor City of Alcañiz, Aragón, Spain by Adolfo Nadal

View of the entrance and show-room

DaVinci Project, Stuttgart, Germany, (Summer 2007-present)

A fully parametric designed project. Parameters includ social isues, urban fabric conditions, and environmental constraints (such as sunlight, views...) which reflect on the facade system.

Aerial view, DaVinci Project, Stuttgart, Germany by Adolfo Nadal

Aerial view

Other Projects, (April 2006-January 2008)

Among others, the office square for the Arnhem Centraal towers, a Learning Centre for the UvA (Universität van Amsterdam), a cooperation and landscape design for the Beachroad Singapur competition.


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