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Al-Andalus Train Interior Design

Al-Andalus Train Interior Design

Al-Andalus Train Interior Design

Inspired in the arabic caligraphic art, we transform the morphology of the arabic letters into furniture pieces that create a single flowing space. These letters are taken as sections that adapt seamlessly to the physiology of the human body and the diverse needs of a temporary stay in the restaurant of the train.

We pay special attention to certain needs such as:

  • Kids: places where kids can sit safely and look to the outside landscape while traveling, near their mothers.
  • Luggage: adecuate luggage storage without interrupting circulation.
  • Privacy: we provide an area with a more private atmosphere for women and/or business men.
  • Unification/zonification: bar and stay areas are separated, though united in a single space.
  • Movement: the ceiling morphology emphasizes the spatial morphology of each area.
  • Materiality: a single material configures a continuous flowing space and a smooth tactile experience thanks to Corian, which will be imprinted with arabic motifs.
  • Lighting: through LED stripes embedded in the folds of the surface.
  • Press space: integrated space located at both entrances of the wagon.
  • Comfort: the letter-shaped folds are configured to adapt to the human body of both kids and adults. Letters such as Ta, Wa, and Mim, are used as enhances of blood pressure and circulation.
  • Functionalty: air-conditioning, piping, and other installations circulate inside the folds of the furniture surface, allowing for functionality and aesthetics.
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